Saturday, March 5, 2011

REVIEW: Revlon ColorStay Foundation

Oh... My... Gosh... That is all I can say. I am completely IN LOVE with this foundation. I can't believe it's been out on the shelves for so long and I just passed it up. This will be my main go-to foundation forever, I believe. It is just flawless.

  • Tons of different shades
  • You can choose between Combination/Oily Skin or Normal/Dry Skin
  • Medium to full build-able coverage
  • Stays on allllll day
  • Light feeling on skin
  • Affordable
  • Easy to find in any drugstore
  • SPF
  • Nothing!

First off, I just want to say I'm ashamed at myself for not finding this sooner than I did. I cannot believe how perfect it is for me! My skin has a lot of redness so I need a medium coverage foundation that I can build up in certain spots. I always had problems finding this with drugstore foundations because it either looked cakey or it didn't change my skin at all. This product is amazingggg! I can't say enough good things about it. I am completely head over heels for it. I'm the lightest shade they have (110 Ivory) and I have never had a foundation match my skin tone so perfectly. I've heard in many other reviews people just ranting and raving over the color selection. They have every color for every person.

I'm not too sure how it does with breaking people out because my face rarely breaks out, thank goodness. I have read loads and loads of reviews though and have never heard of it breaking anyone out.

Another thing I really liked was that they have a line for normal to dry skin and a line for combination to oily skin. I didn't realize this at first because I was in a hurry and I just picked up my color in the first place I saw it. I picked up the foundation for normal to dry skin which did not work for me at all. I was very discouraged at first, then went back and looked and realized it was my fault and picked up my color in combination to oily skin and voila! Perfection! Thankfully they let me exchange the bottles and I didn't have to just throw away ten dollars on something I could never use. So learn from my mistake and READ before you buy. Make sure you're picking up the right formula for your skin! It'll help. ;)

This foundation is on the cheaper to average side priced drugstore foundations. It always will vary from place to place depending on where you buy it from and where you live. The most I've heard someone paying for it was around $12. I paid $10. Just watch for sales and price it at a few different places to get the best deal you can!

All in all, I can't say enough good things about this foundation. It is my new absolute favorite and probably always will be. It makes my face look flawless. This is a definite two thumbs up and I say go out and try this as soon as you possibly can if you haven't!

Would you buy this product again? Yes!!! I will forever buy this.

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